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What to Think About

Soussan recommends that you begin by performing a sound check of your hair so as to determine the condition of your tresses. If the hair is too damaged, then a perm may not be the right hair style for you. Your hair needs to be in good condition to allow the curl to come out in a pretty manner.

In case you had dyed or highlighted the hair in the past month, you may need to give it some downtime before you can commit to the perm as the chemicals used in the highlight could weaken the hair. Hair by Soussan stylists recommends that you use conditioner on a regular basis as the hair is recovering.

Even though DIY kits are available at most local pharmacies, it is recommended that you visit a hair specialist in San Carlos. With perms, know-how and timing are critical especially if you do not want to end up with a terrible hairdo.

At the salon, the hair by Soussan stylists will let you know which perm options are ideal for you.You will need to consider the kind of look you want to have. You could go for;

  • Bouncy Waves
  • Classic Hollywood Pin Curls
  • Vivacious Afro
  • Subtle Body Waves

Each available style will call for a different type of perm treatment and will vary in terms of time, cost, setting, and upkeep. You need to carry out your research and discuss this with the stylist before making a commitment.


If you are looking to perm your hair, the very first thing you need to know is that this type of curly hair treatment requires a commitment.



Available Types of Perm


There is two primary type of perm that you can choose from;

1- Digital (hot) Perm. It involves an initial relaxation treatment meant to prepare your hair and takes about an hour. Heated curling rods will then be used to form looser waves and curls before the hair is put into rollers that are hooked to an electronic device responsible for regulating temperature. The process takes around three to four hours and at times longer depending on your hair thickness and length.

2-Cold (traditional) Perms. The hair gets soaked using an alkaline compound before it gets tightly wound into smaller ringlets and curls that are set by rollers. It creates a tighter pattern than a digital perm would and takes around two and a half hours to complete.

If not sure on which option is ideal for you, consult with the hair by Soussan stylists in San Carlos before you make up your mind.